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Wedding Flowers: Some Creative Ideas

An Indian wedding is incomplete without wedding flowers and besides, the task of picking up your wedding flowers is indeed a difficult one and can work wonders with your wedding theme if you add some creativity to it. Wedding flowers need not necessarily be exotic, rare and costly ones. You can use simple flowers which are easily available, add a tincture of your innovation to it and create an aromatic ambience that will be remembered by people for a lifetime.

Instead of using just flowers for your wedding decor, you can make use of beads, diamante buckles, crystals, unconventional twigs, vases, feathers candles. You may add as many wedding flowers as you want to, to your wedding decor or keep it simple and less in numbers depending on the kind of ambience that you want to create on your wedding day. However, one thing which must be kept in mind is that the colour of all the wedding flowers used by you must be in synchronisation with the tones of your wedding palette.

Instead of going for the conventional arrangement of flowers in vases, you can make use of tassels of flowers, using a myriad of flowers and crystals or beads. These tassels can be hung at various heights and produce a magnificent effect on the ambience. Round ball floral arrangements can also be incorporated in your wedding decor and look quite beautiful. These round ball floral arrangements can be used in different ways, like, you can hang them or place them on top of tall vases or you can also use them for centre table arrangements.

You can also go for floral chandeliers or frames. Floral ladis are also in vogue these days. Also urlis with floating candles and aromatic flowers add weight to your wedding decor. Besides these, floral rangoli and floating floral rangoli are also hot this wedding season and add a stupendous effect to your wedding decor.

Paying little attention to little details in the arrangement of your wedding flowers will make the big difference in your wedding decor.

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